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PAPI men’s underwear and HIVictorious partner to bring you “What If It Were You?” an HIV / AIDS Awareness campaign.

Miami Lakes, Florida − September 14, 2009

PAPI men’s underwear and HIVictorious partner to bring you “What If It Were You?” an HIV / AIDS awareness campaign using posters created by high school students. These thought-provoking posters of encouragement will be on display at select Macy’s stores starting with the 2009 Macy’s Passport Show in San Francisco.

  • Macy’s Union SquareSeptember 14th
  • Macy’s BeverlyCenter September 21st
  • Macy’s South Coast PlazaSeptember 21st
  • Macy’s State StreetOctober 2009
  • Macy’s Herald SquareOctober 2009
  • Macy’s South BeachNovember 2009

Papi is the proud organizer of this exhibition. Reaching beyond simply selling underwear, Papi is an advocate for HIV/AIDS research, care, prevention and education programs in communities around the country.

Papi underwear is known for capturing style and a man’s sense of himself. Papi represents the latest trends in men’s fashion and provides sexy, provocative, and colorful designs. Silhouettes are continually created and updated using premium fabrics with a man’s body and needs in mind.

HIVictorious is a grass-roots, volunteer-driven, non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. Bob Bowers, the Founder and President, is a 26-year survivor of the disease. He lends a very powerful and frank voice in the fight against AIDS. Through his outreach, students readily connect with Bob and appreciate his honesty and willingness to empower others with knowledge and hope.

HIVictorious strives to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in Wisconsin and throughout the United States through education, advocacy, and community mobilization. “We diligently work to reduce the social stigmas of HIV/AIDS, while addressing some of the core issues, like racism and homophobia, and how they continue to fuel the epidemic.”

“Our greatest focus is on youth and our HIV/AIDS awareness poster contest, “What If It Were You?” Participants were asked to contemplate “what if you were HIV positive” through art and words. This awareness campaign is dedicated to promoting every-day awareness, compassion, education and involvement in the fight.”

About papi?
Papi originally hit the market in the 1990s and was acquired by Miami-based Isaco International in 2004. Under Isaco International’s design, marketing and sourcing capabilities, papi will continue to grow into a premiere lifestyle brand, gaining additional presence in American and worldwide markets.

About Isaco International
Isaco International has been in business since 1980 and has one success story after another. Beginning with high-end designer ties, Isaco soon made a name for itself in underwear, hosiery, sleepwear and loungewear.

Today, Isaco International has expanded into branded distribution by obtaining licenses for globally recognized names including PERRY ELLIS, PERRY ELLIS PORTFOLIO, PERRY ELLIS AMERICA, ACCENTS BY ISACO as well as private label manufacturing for most major retailers.

To learn more about HIVictorious and “What if it Were You? Please visit