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papi Finds New Inspiration from Scotland

by The Underwear Expert

Papi often takes its design cues from the vibrant fashion trends of Latin America, but the Miami-based brand’s latest collection reflects quite a different source of inspiration: Scotland. Papi’s Scotties collection, which hits stores mid November, combines the brand’s flair for bright colors and infuses it with the Scottish, traditional look of plaid tartans.

“For this particular collection we went to Scotland where men wear kilts,” Lucio De Carvalho, vice president of design for Papi, told The Underwear Expert. “We thought it would be sexy and fun to have a collection inspired by plaid tartans with a bit of color and attitude.”

Before the concept of the Scotties collection came up, Papi presented plaid tartans in two of its recent contemporary collections: Allure and Ibiza 2. However, the Scotties range showcases a more traditional style of plaid as seen in Scottish kilts and comes in six vivid colors—blue, green, orange, yellow, red and black. Consumers can choose which hue best suits their personality. “There are particular designs that men understand well and plaid happens to be one of them,” said De Carvalho. “When we incorporated plaids into our collections, we did very well with them.”

For a comfortable feel and body defining fit, the Scotties collection is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The combination of cotton and spandex naturally absorbs moisture while providing an ultra soft feel. “Cotton is by nature a moisture absorbent fiber,” said De Carvahlo. “Its filaments are long and durable making it extremely comfortable and a fiber of choice by most people. By blending the cotton with spandex we are making it fit your body better.”

De Carvahlo added, “We blend the softness of cotton with the stretch properties of the spandex, making it more comfortable and easy to fit. Our quantity of spandex will determinate how much you want that fabric to hug your body; 5% is ideal to give you comfort with ease of movement.”

Available in S-XL, the Scotties collection is offered as a Brazilian trunk ($22), which features a distinct low-rise fit and supportive contour pouch.