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Ask the Expert: Can Undershirts Improve My Physique?

by The Underwear Expert


Mike from Portland, ME: I love underwear, but I don’t have the body of an underwear model. Are there any undershirts you would recommend that could help me look less doughy? Do compression undershirts help?

The Underwear Expert: Don’t worry about it, Mainer Mike. There are plenty of options for guys who just don’t have the metabolism of a 21 year old athlete. Let me guess: you have a little bit of a paunch and you wish everything was tighter around your waistline. If your undershirts are too big, they look like drapes hanging over your body. If your undershirts are too small, you have skin hanging out in an unattractive way. Almost everyone runs into this problem at some point and you’re ahead of the game by recognizing that compression undershirts can be the solution.

Let’s start with Papi Six Pack ($44-$48), which gives you body-defining compression without reducing your style. We talked to Lucio De Carvalho, the vice president of design for Papi, and he told us, “The pattern is carefully engineered to insure it hugs the body specifically where it needs tuck and lift … The special fabric and expert fit work to hide the unwanted fat areas and keeps the chest area firm while giving the back the support needed.”

That special fabric he’s talking about is 83% cotton and 17% spandex, giving stretch, comfort and lift. It’s a great way to keep your extra bits in check.