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Ombre dot geometric patterns added to the Cool 2 Collection with new colors lawn green, fuchsia and purple!

by The Underwear Expert

Papi updates its 2-Pack Brazilian trunks with a new geometric print and colors for the upcoming season. Hitting stores mid February, the Papi Cool 2 range ($28) will soon feature an ombre dot pattern, which showcases a faded geometric print, and three new colors: lawn green, fuchsia and purple. The 2-pack consists of one solid trunk and one trunk with the seasonal ombre print.

“We wanted to give admirers of Papi something fresh, hip and new for spring,” said Lucio De Carvalho, vice president of design for Papi. “The ombre dot pattern portrays an illusion of faded dots, which appears somewhat fuzzy. We always try new print methods that offer something to the imagination.”

The Papi Cool 2 collection is made from a soft microfiber blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The fabric blend features moisture wicking and quick-dry properties to keep you cool, dry and fresh throughout the day. The trunks also offer a soft stretch and body contouring fit and are resistant to shrinking and fading.

“The super-soft microfiber has a very fine filament in the fabric that gives a lustrous finish,” said De Carvalho. “It is also very light weight and feels as if there’s nothing on the skin so the overall comfort of the garment is what makes it fly off the shelves. People love it!”

The Papi Cool 2 collection was first introduced when the brand launched in 1995. The company’s goal was to present an affordable series of 2-packs with an array of seasonal designs and a fabric that offers a variety of benefits. Since then, Papi has used the same fabric blend and the collection has become one of its top sellers. “We felt that by developing a new fabric guys would feel comfortable in, then we would make them feel sexy too,” said De Carvalho.

The Papi Cool 2 series is available in S-XL.