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Get Your Style In Sync: Think Pink Underwear This Summer


Sure, sure– you can call it magenta or you can call it salmon, or fuchsia or rose or ruby or coral or any other fun name, but boil it down and the truth of the matter is, pink fabrics are dominating mens’ fashion this year.

We here at The Underwear Expert can list shades of pink just as easily as we can list high-fashion runway shows with pink garments. Only days ago, Dsquared and Burberry Prorsum premiered their Spring ’14 collections that gave way to distinguished pink outerwear. Versace’s recent runway show displayed a partially pink runway and featured a fully pink suit, and just about half of Bruno Magli’s Spring ’14 collection incorporates some form of pink. And if that wasn’t the strawberry icing on the pink cake of proof, the trend has even trickled down to more common retailers as well, with current homepages of J. Crew, E. Tautz, and Topman all featuring pink apparel.

While pink fabric has been draping the couture models on runways and websites alike, it is also draping the most intimate areas of underwear models worldwide. The Underwear Expert has put together an exclusive photo shoot featuring this season’s pink underwear. Photographer Aydin Arjomand captured the predominantly pink underwear of ten brands in various styles and with various features.

Check out the images and product info below and let us know which pair of pink underwear reigns supreme!

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