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papi Goes Country, with singer-songwriter Steve Grand


In just over a week, breakout singer songwriter Steve Grant’s debut video ‘All American Boy’ has received nearly a million views on YouTube—an impressive feat for an artist without a recording contract or formal publicity team. Grant’s openness about his own sexuality and willingness to portray a story of unrequited love between a gay man and his straight male friend has garnered the young singer much online attention and enthusiastic support from social media.

We’re big fans of Grant’s video, which you can watch below, and we were even more thrilled to discover that the multi-talented 23-year-old has also worked as an underwear model. The Chicago-native has appeared on the pages of DNA magazine and been shot by some of the industry’s best photographers, including Tom Cullis.

Last week we pointed out the underwear sighting in Grant’s debut video, which involves a skinny dipping scene with Grant and the object of his affection. Now it seems our cup truly runneth over with fifteen Steve Grand underwear photos.

Check out Grand’s music video for ‘All American Boy,’ and his underwear modeling photos below and let us know if you’re becoming a country fan yourself!

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