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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With Papi


In case you missed it, September 15th marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. For 30 days, we celebrate the people, culture and history of Hispanic countries that have so deeply influenced American culture. Based in Miami, underwear brand Papi is very motivated by their own Hispanic roots. Papi draws much of the inspiration for their collections from the overlapping Hispanic culture that is apparent in the city of Miami. Brand new for Fall 2013 and just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, Papi has created a collection that celebrates the vibrant and vigorous Latin culture that has been absorbed into mainstream American culture. The collection is designed using bright solids and spirited prints. There are 10 looks to this collection that incorporate the vivid colors of Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. The collection is broken down into two styles: the Euro trunk ($18) and the Brazilian trunk ($19.50). The two prints in the Brazilian Trunk are the Skull print, which is scattered with skulls that are decorated with different national flags from Hispanic countries and the Flag print, which has a more artistic feel, exhibiting a brush stroked flag pattern. The solids come in four colors options: ‘True Green,’ which has red and white contrasting detail, ‘Ethereal,’ which is a light blue with yellow and white accents, ‘Geisha Red’ with blue and white details, and ‘Thunder Blue’ with yellow and red contrasting accents. Let us know how you celebrate Hispanic Heritage month by tweeting @underwearexpert. The Papi Hispanic Heritage 2013 Collection is available in sizes S-XL – See more at:


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