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#Papi: A Recap Of Papi’s Instagram

by Jonathan Greene

We’re pretty sure that Papi was prepared when heading into 2014. The Miami-based underwear company’s Instagram has been abuzz over the last six months with all kinds of event pictures. Now, of course we at The Underwear Expert do love some product photos, but when an Instagram is full of events we can’t help but be excited. We get to see how much the brand has grown, and their bright looks wrapped around hot models. And that is the case for Papi as this Recap of Papi’s Instagram feed will show you.


Papi started out the season with small, online events. Things like Model Monday and Waistband Wednesday were an opportunity for us to see great products (and great looking models) while getting a sense of what Papi had in store. In a way, Papi planted a seed, because they knew that lots was going to happen!



When February rolled around, there was only one thing Papi was going to do: remind us all just exactly what it means to be red hot on a red hot holiday. With promotional sales and great looks (and great looking models) in the store suddenly february was incredibly hot (even for Miami).



Guess who is coming to dinner? Everyone! That’s right, come early spring, Papi’s Instagram feed revealed that many great friends have stopped by Miami. There’s David Beckham, Jarred Cook, and our very striking Underwear Expert himself!



Lights! Camera! Action! Papi was a proud sponsor of this year’s 31st International Film Festival. And they got the pictures to prove it, complete with underwear models sporting some of their looks.



But it wasn’t just films that Papi got behind. Look closely at the Macy’s Art Magazine Sponsors and y0u’ll see it right there: Papi.  It’s easy to see why we love Papi so much. They make a great product and they are more committed to supporting art than other brands. To us here at The Underwear Expert, that’s a win-win!



With summer approaching (and a big summer movie surprise), the Papi Department at Macy’s held a special event for fans to meet one of the “Think Like a Man Too” stars, Michael Ealy. Fans lined up in advance for a chance to get an autograph or picture with the handsome  actor.



And finally when June came, Papi unveiled their biggest surprise and event to date! They got an opportunity to become movie stars! Kevin Hart is dancing on a table top in none other than a pair of Papi! The premier was a huge success, and the Instagram feed shows it off with true Papi Pride! With this recap of Papi’s Instagram feed showing so many fantastic events  in only half a year, we can’t wait to see what the back half will bring!

Do you follow Papi on Instagram and love when they pop up on your feed? What other underwear-realted Instragram accounts do you follow? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

For more information on this brand: Papi

Photo Credit: Papi, Instagram

Sponsored by Papi

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