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Five Looks For Halloween


With All Hallow’s Eve just around the corner, Five Looks for Halloween finds Style Reporter DanielXMiller and model Tyler Booth exploring Adele’s of Hollywood in order to get a head start on a series of costumes that pair well with underwear you can receive as a member of The Underwear Expert’s Curated Underwear Club...

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Papi Iron Man


Like all wardrobes, all exercise routines require regular review. Maybe a few years ago you spent some time charting your progress in weight, reps, minutes and seconds at a CrossFit gym. A couple of years before that, you moved from shadowboxing to sparring in your kickboxing class...

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Style Guide: Those Summer Blues


The weather starts getting hotter, the days start getting longer. Every year when summer rolls around, your fashion instincts kick in and tell you: wear warm colors. But “warm colors” aren’t necessarily what you want. You want brighter colors, and when it comes to color temperature, even cooler players such as blue can lighten a look. We head outside with Bryce McKinney, and put him in Curated Underwear Club pairs that play it cool in blue.

Every ma...

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Style Guide: Southern Charm


If confidence is key, then dressing to your personal style is crucial. You might be edgy and dark, favoring black and sleek pairs of underwear, or you may be bright and playful with a love for patterns. But today, we’re focusing on a little southern charm, and that requires a style that is easy-breezy, with a restrained sex appeal. This week’s Style Guide is for those men – like our model this week, a southern gentleman turned Hollywood hunk.

Model and a...

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Style Guide: Not So Basic Briefs


Love them or hate them, briefs are the definitive cut of men’s underwear. They’re classic, and they’re not going anywhere. This week’s style guide is a tribute to the brief – but not just any brief. The briefs below have something extra going for them. A refined design, an exotic cut. They are “basic” in name alone, and even then, it’s just vernacular. Gentlemen, this is how you rock brief underwear.

Every pair Yotam Solomon models is available...

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Inside British Spy Novels


My Dear Watson, what kind of underwear do you prefer? The boxer briefs of Bond or the sleek, stylish brief of Hercule Poirot. We’re digging deep into chapters of British Spy Novels to take a closer look at what these detective heroes wear to solve the case. Have no doubt that you’ve hired the right guy, these four spies and detectives will save the world.

James Bond: Our classic British badass, Bond, James Bond knows how to be a world class spy in the utmost...

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Style Guide: Let’s Get Physical


Using sports as inspiration for fashion is nothing new, especially in the world of men’s underwear. This week’s style guide focuses on underwear designed to give that athletic appeal, while maintaining the fashion and function you’d expect from a great pair of undies. From varsity inspired piping, to field ready color-blocking, these pairs are a win-win in our playbook.

These athletic styled undies worn by model Matthew Ludwinski are all a part of the Curat...

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Style Guide: Room With A View


Keep in mind though, black and red underwear isn’t just for men who wear leather jackets or wax-coated denim. Happy Socks and papi are two brands that take the edgy color combo to more casual places. The Happy Socks Random Triangle Boxer Brief is one of the most disarming pairs. Yes, we cheated this one into the group as it’s technically dark blue and red, but it’s a VERY dark blue...

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Hot Lines Bling: BTS Cody Callahan Video

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Style Guide – Lucky Day


It’s a bright day and clouds are nowhere to be found. We’re feeling lucky, and not just because model Kyle Kriesel walked into our studio. We’re feeling lucky, because in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, we’re featuring green underwear. We took Kyle to the hills beneath the Hollywood sign and brought with us a bag full of green undies. They range in shades from army to emerald, and each brings a different twist to the color...

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