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Papi Iron Man


Like all wardrobes, all exercise routines require regular review. Maybe a few years ago you spent some time charting your progress in weight, reps, minutes and seconds at a CrossFit gym. A couple of years before that, you moved from shadowboxing to sparring in your kickboxing class...

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Style Guide: Not So Basic Briefs


Love them or hate them, briefs are the definitive cut of men’s underwear. They’re classic, and they’re not going anywhere. This week’s style guide is a tribute to the brief – but not just any brief. The briefs below have something extra going for them. A refined design, an exotic cut. They are “basic” in name alone, and even then, it’s just vernacular. Gentlemen, this is how you rock brief underwear.

Every pair Yotam Solomon models is available...

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Hot Lines Bling: BTS Cody Callahan Video

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Now You See Me, With Charlie Matthews


The man and model known as Charlie Matthews walks into our studio here in Hollywood, a wave of energy and confidence. He wears a loose tank top and shorts, keeping it casual. With nearly 450 thousand followers on Instagram alone, if you don’t know Charlie, you’re among a constantly dwindling list. Seeing him now, all six-packs and smoldering eyes, you’d never imagine him as the lonely and somewhat overweight professional video gamer he was just a few years ago...

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Count on papi: All Day, Every Day


papi underwear always caters to the man who is fashion conscious, stylish, sophisticated and exudes a certain level of sex appeal. papi is known for capturing a man’s individuality, and the brand’s designs are meant to help us feel that much more confident throughout our daily routines and different lifestyles. No matter the lifestyle or the schedule, every man can benefit from papi underwear all day, every day...

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Spend Your Valentine’s Day With Papi


Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and we’re seeing red everywhere. Storefronts are adorned with kissing Cupids, and the aisles are littered with Hallmark cards and gigantic stuffed animals. Take the pressure off this year, slide into comfort and get ready for Valentine’s Day with papi. Papi has a Valentine’s Day 70% sale for all of their on sale items as a treat to prepare for the sweet holiday coming up...

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Watch Your Tone – Dual Tone Undies


Remember when people were limited to only a hand full of underwear colors or options? What a boring life that must have been! This Underwear Expert exclusive shoot focuses on dual tone underwear styles that show how much more exciting underwear can be nowadays!

Photographer Jerrad Matthew shoots model Daniel Miller in all his underwear glory. The steel door background creates a lot of texture and an aesthetically pleasing linear design...

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papi, Welcome To The Underwear Club


papi is an underwear brand that’s already won over the hearts (and underwear drawers) of men everywhere. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly makes papi such a stellar brand. It could be their modern, flattering cuts – especially their low rise briefs and Brazilian trunks. It could be their comfortable materials, from their cotton undies to their gym-ready ones. Either way, every guy loves his papi. And will now love our Underwear of the Month Club even more.

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Why Yellow Undies Are A Bright Idea


Most men open their underwear drawers and don’t see yellow anywhere. It’s an uncommon color choice, and one that some brands don’t even dabble in. Which is a shame, because yellow undies are a simple way to add some cheery style to your wardrobe. They’re bright, they’re fun and they’re sure to earn you compliments.

A guy who wears yellow undies hasn’t lost touch with his inner child. He has a confident sense of style...

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New Year’s Eve In Style, With Silver And Gold Underwear


The right New Year’s Eve look won’t just end your 2015 on a high note. It’ll also kick off your 2016 in style. Whether you’re doing something ritzy on a rooftop or risqué in a dive bar, it’s the opportune moment for incorporating silver and gold underwear into your wardrobe. Metallics are always appropriate for a NYE event. And like the best things in life, they’re better in moderation.

Silver and gold pieces make an impact no matter where they’re i...

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